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The Practice


"The nervous system coordinates the consciousness of all body parts, systems, functions and patterns" 

                                                                                    Dr. Donald Epstein

Dr. Bonita does chiropractic differently.

She has learned to artfully fuse a variety of healing techniques to address the root cause of what's been holding you back, so that you can experience life from a place of true health and ease. Specific techniques include non-force chiropractic (bio-geometric integration, network spinal analysis) and craniosacral therapy.

Each session utilizes gentle manual contacts along the spine to promote heightened brain-body awareness which, in turn, changes the vibrational tone of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).  This release of tension creates a healthier, more intentionally toned nervous system and leads to vibrant and lasting health for the whole body and mind.

Dr. Bonita also utilizes a technique called somato respiratory integration to release emotional tension that has been stored in the body and connect clients to their unique intrinsic rhythms through breath and gentle movement.


Each session focuses on releasing and freeing bound energy to promote increased levels of vitality, optimism, creativity and overall health.  The adjustments aim to address the patterns at play in a person's body and life. Clients tend to notice that the changes they experience in their body are often reflected in their lives via their relationships, their work and their home environments.

A healthy nervous system can help with: 

+ feeling overall happier and more peaceful  + better digestion   + strengthened sense of purpose

+ less pain and inflammation   + more flexibility    + better sleep  + faster healing time from injury   

+  better immune system function  + greater capacity to process emotions  + more fulfilling relationships

+ healing from chronic and autoimmune illnesses   + less neck and shoulder tension  + deeper body awareness   + sharper focus (less brain fog)   + less worry    + stronger sense of balance   + feeling rested and rejuvenated 

The Studio

Intentionally designed with nervous system healing in mind. 

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