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Dr. Bonita Hazel

Dr. Bonita is here to help change the world through the use of her hands, her heart, and the ability to listen deeply. 

After receiving a bachelor's degree in Psychology (Kalamazoo College, MI) and a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree (Life University, GA), Bonita has devoted herself to continuing to study the depths of what it means to heal. 

"In my time practicing, I have learned that healing runs much deeper than the physical structures of muscle and bone; each human being is a complex system of energy that can be affected by lifestyle choices, emotional experiences, thought patterns and spiritual lessons." 

She now offers a blend of hands-on nervous healing, craniosacral therapy and non-force chiropractic techniques to help each and every person, from babies to great-grandparents, release tension and experience more ease.

One of her greatest passions is witnessing people waking up on their journey of self discovery, and finding that they are much more powerful and capable than they realized.

"You are here to live a life aligned to your highest potential, your truest, healthiest expression and your deepest desires. It is my life's purpose to nurture you on your journey."  


She offers so graciously a space that is deeply needed, and longed for by many. A safe space to soften, express and realign to a deeper/higher self/knowing. I don’t know if I could have made the shifts necessary for healing and expansion without her. If you’re looking for a space to heal, realign and expand, she’s what you’ve been looking for.

Julie E.

Effective and amazing, Dr. Bonita Hazel has helped me more than any practitioner I’ve been to. If you’re expecting the typical Chiropractic experience, you will be pleasantly surprised, as Dr. B incorporates much more into her practice and will help heal your body, mind and spirit!

Kelly C.

"Through her work, I have been able to let go of limiting beliefs that manifested with physical injuries. She is more than just a physician; she is a godsend, truly a miracle worker who knows and sees the depths of your pain but also sees your truth and how you can heal from these deep wounds. She gives you the space to breathe and simply be you, all of you. "

Anna W.

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