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The nervous system is the conduit for consciousness; it is the grand coordinator that controls your thoughts, movements, emotions and bodily systems. When the nervous system is stressed, or holding old patterns of stress, its messages to the body can become dysregulated. When dysregulated, a person can have a hard time staying healthy and have difficulty moving through day to day life due to trouble with: processing emotions, gut health, brain fog, pain, inflammation and general feelings of dis-ease. Choosing to work with me is choosing to heal your nervous system. Every session is designed to shift your nervous system out of stress (fight/flight/freeze) and into a place of rest and relaxation. As the nervous system re-sets and regulates, the body is able to resume it’s natural abilities to heal and be well. When working with adults, oftentimes it is necessary to address the lifestyle and environmental factors that are influencing your nervous system on a daily basis. During an adult session, it is common to talk and breathe through issues around: relationships, work and family in order to free the nervous system from stress and tension. When working with adults, some of the most common benefits clients report are: + More awareness of breath (more presence) + Less tension and pain in the body + Deeper sense of peace + Deeper sense of purpose + Improved digestion + Improved relationships


Every birth experience is unique, and even the calmest of births can include an element of stress as the baby moves through the birth canal and into this new world. Often, the stress of the birth is held by the nervous system, producing lifelong tension throughout the body and impacting the flow of energy within your new baby. Working with babies and young children is one of my biggest passions. Because their bodies are still so fresh and malleable, clearing a little one’s nervous system is quick and easy, and has incredibly positive lifelong effects. When helping babies and kids clear their nervous systems, some of the most common things I see as a result are: + improved digestion + better sleep + improved ability to move through big emotions Specific to newborns, sessions can help with issues related to: +oral restrictions +latching and feeding + narrowed airways +plagiocephaly (flat spots on head) +digestion: acid reflux, painful gas +lack of sleep +primitive reflex integration +movement patterns (rolling over, crawling) +nervous system regulation


This package is specifically designed for helping women and their growing babies through the radical journey of pregnancy, birth and beyond. By receiving care throughout the pregnancy, a mother can expect to experience: +a healthier nervous system for herself and her developing baby + more ease in her body as it shifts and changes + deeper connection to her breath - a helpful tool especially during labor +a stronger understanding of her body and it's intuition


After personally experiencing the postpartum period, I understand how tender and taxing it can be. Because of this, it is very important to me to offer this work to postpartum women. These sessions are focused largely on using the breath to first unwind from any birth trauma and then to more fully reconnect to the body. As the physical body is nourished and supported with gentle touch and breath, the nervous system is able to regulate and help support the body in healing. Emotionally, if you are feeling sad, guilty, hopeless, or are feeling overly anxious and even hypervigilant for the safety of your baby, these sessions can be very helpful.


The state of one person’s nervous system can greatly affect the state of those around them. For example, if a mom's nervous system is dysregulated, her kids will likely play to the same tune. And if one partner of a pair is feeling very calm and relaxed, their partner’s system will often co-regulate to match the tone. It is for this reason that I LOVE doing group and family work. When groups of people get together, the shift can be big. Families that heal and regulate together while in session are more likely to be able to do it at home, too. It’s far more powerful to have the entire family unit doing the work to regulate than having one member of the family doing it alone. Groups and families that work with me often report changes such as: + Calmer, happier home life + More awareness when a person is dysregulated + Using tools such as breath to help a child or partner regulate their system + Getting organized and getting rid of clutter in the home


To see Dr. Bonita, you must schedule an appointment. Please note that this practice does not bill insurance. 

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